Chronic pain is a major public health problem. It affects 20 to 25% of the world population. The prevalence of persistent pain is expected to rise as the incidence of diseases like diabetes, arthritis and obesity increases with an aging population.


You can influence your pain

Pain is always an emotional feeling of pain. This makes pain not less real, but always connected to mental factors. This means to you in the first place that you carry inside yourself a powerful instrument with which you can influence your pain.

It is scientifically proven that even the most powerful painkillers such as morphine act for 50 percent through the suggestion that they work. This is the so-called ‘placebo-effect’.

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AURELIS method

With the AURELIS-method, you use that same principle, but in a thoroughly open and direct way. In other words: you use yourself for what you are worth, and that is a whole lot.

With AurelisOnLine, you get hands-on tools to deeply invite yourself, by way of sessions of autosuggestion, towards less chronic pain.

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